NIA Construction Apprentices Needed

NIA Construction, a Charlotte-based African American-owned construction company, has developed a construction apprenticeship program called Aspire Construction Protégé Program for individuals from underrepresented and disenfranchised communities interested in construction careers. NIA realizes the structural barriers in the construction industry, especially at the management level, and is committed to helping eliminate them and the disparities they create by offering a robust apprenticeship geared toward construction management that will prepare individuals for entry and success in the commercial and residential building trades.

Aspire is a combination of on site and in-office construction training programs under the supervision of experienced trade professionals. Aspire protégés receive valuable education and experiences and are compensated for on-the-job training, with the potential of becoming full-time employees at NIA. No previous construction education, skills, or experiences are required. The program includes construction basics, tool training, math, work readiness, blueprint reading and drawing, health and safety, industry awareness, and more. The only criteria are strong work ethic, reliability, integrity, and willingness to learn and grow. For information, please call 704.698.8688 or email

For information, please call 704.698.8688 or email Harold.Seymour@NIAConstruction


NIA is a word of African origin — Swahili to be specific — meaning "aim or purpose." For our company, however, the word NIA is the benchmark upon which we conduct business. It is who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We conduct business with intention, integrity, and a clear focus on collaboration with our clients and community. We work together to surpass expectations, no matter the service we provide.